DPAG CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

?I PROTECT MY DATA? is a DPAG’s project implementation, the company’s mission, which aim is to educate and raise public awareness in the area of ??their rights regarding personal data protection and the dangers that may arise as a result of downplaying in business and everyday life management principles of collected personal data.


The project aims to particularly draw attention to the  parents how important it is that in everyday life to protect our data  with care, which when used illegally, without our consent, may as a consequence have negative effects. In the era of digitization, the emergence of more and more community portals, speed of communication, flow of information and data between companies, taking public education in the subject of personal data protection seems to be inevitable. Therefore, DPAG as a professional company, has taken the initiative on corporate social responsibility, which is to educate the public on personal data protection.

?I PROTECT MY DATA? is the project designed for children, youth, seniors and Parents. The project is implemented in schools and other educational establishments. During the meeting, children, adolescents and the elderly have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with broadly understood aspects related to the protection of their privacy, protection of their personal data rights at the moment of entrusting their personal data to third parties. We would like our society to take conscious decisions and protect their privacy. The goal is one, education how to protect your personal information, which are owned and personal interests of each person.

?I PROTECT MY DATA? is also drawing attention to the company under the CSR of business conducted by them adopted, as a good practice, the rules on the protection of personal data. DPAG invites you, schools and educational institutions to cooperate in the implementation of the project  “I Protect my data” throughout the country. With great pleasure we engage in the training at your place.

We invite you to direct questions on the planned meetings and the rules for their implementation.