Good practices


  • Before you start communicating with potential clients ensure they consent to receive commercial information by e-mail and telephone,
  • Inform the Customer what is the reason for personal data collecting and processing and who is  the Administrator of Personal Data,
  • Inform the customer about the principles of electronic services rules and the customer’s right to verify, modify and delete data from the database,
  • Ensure that  in the forms, regulations and legal documents there are legally required information about collecting, entrusting, processing, disposal and protection of personal data Client,
  • Ensure that your customer has received confirmation expressing the consents to the processing of personal data and contact information for easy communication in case of any changes,
  • Ensure that when entrusting your customer’s data processing to cooperating parties, the obligations regarding the protection of personal data have been completed,
  • Do not delay and confirm verification, modification or deletion of data from the database at your Customer’s request,
  • Do not delay and confirm that you have a document expressing consent to the transfer of commercial information by e-mail and telephone and other consents expressed by the client regarding the processing of personal data,
  • Without the consent of the customer, do not transfer the personal data to other cooperating parties,
  • Ensure that your employees, colleagues, contracting parties know and comply with data protection rules in your organization.
  • Express your professionalism in relationships with customers and take care of the security of data entrusted as part of the cooperation.

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