About us


To meet the expectations, showing our professionalism and conscious respect for the rights and obligations, DPAG makes every effort to make your present and future Customers and Contracting Parties feel safe by adapting their activities to the existing law on the protection and processing of personal data.


Issues related to the protection of personal data and database security is our profession and passion. Our Team consists of professionals who combine theoretical knowledge with practice and professional experience. In our company we integrate what is critical to the Customers? and Contracting Parties? data safety. We help multidimensionally to adapt your organization’s operational activities to the requirements of legal provisions on the protection of personal data, rendering of electronic services and telecommunications law. We conduct projects with many companies and organizations, regardless of the type of business or market sector. We deliver customized for each company / organization IT tools supporting the processes of database management. We train future and the current Data Controllers, Data Protection Administrator and Data Protection IT Administrator. Our mission is to ensure the safety of your customers and Contracting Parties. We focus on professionalism.


Combining safety, passion and professionalism we support companies and organizations in building positive and lasting, based on trust, relationships with your Clients and Contracting Parties. We have created a Code of Good Practice for the protection of personal data. Going forward, as a socially responsible company, we have taken the initiative to educate the public in the area of ??rights, and risks which may be incurred as a result of downplaying, in business and everyday life, management principles of collecting personal data. The goal is one, education on how to protect your personal information, which are owned and are personal goods of each individal.